HABITEC is a Research Center created by a cluster of public and private entities, established as a private non-profit foundation in January 2009.

The Foundation's main purpose is the promotion of public and private activities aiming at increasing the economic and technological development of the HABITAT sector.
HABITEC has the appropriate technical and human resources to carry out research, development and innovation projects, knowledge dissemination and communication, and finally evaluation and support activities.

HABITEC expertise covers the following areas of knowledge:
1. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
2. Design and structural calculation of civil works and buildings.
3. Design of telecommunications systems
4. Web design tools
5. Design and urban planning with sustainability criteria
6. Design of bioclimatic buildings
7. Knowledge dissemination and communication.

The Foundation is made up of important entities related to what we call the HABITAT sector (energy, technology and construction). One HABITEC’s objectives is to contribute to an increased competitiveness of Andalusian HABITAT enterprises, leveraging on collaboration with national and international entities of interest.
Through cooperation with HABITEC, HABITAT sector companies can turn their innovative ideas into reality by hiring different services, taking part in R & D projects and participating in training and dissemination activities organized by our Center.

To achieve the above-described mission HABITEC vision focuses on:
- Innovative products, processes and services achievement, derived from research projects.
- R &D proposals presentation and approval of the fields of energy, technologies and construction, aligned with research strategies at regional, national and European level in order to promote innovation within the Andalusian industry.
- On-demand project execution.

1. Trust. We work with transparency and integrity.
2. Cooperation. We join our efforts to achieve our goals.
3. Innovation. We focus on creating new ideas that allow us to improve and meet new challenges.
4. Commitment. We engage with ideas for technological improvements and economic growth.
5. Responsibility. We are committed to getting the best results and offer the best service.

The R & D strategy of HABITEC is based on 3 pillars:
1. Development of innovative products in the fields of energy, technology and construction (in any of the Energy Efficiency, Smart City, Circular Economy, Co-creation … working lines).
2. Development of services bringing innovation and enhancement to the existing HABITAT market.
3. Development of innovative processes aiming at industry efficiency improvements.